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About the Company:

Update for opening training public institutes is a Kuwaiti company specialized in the field of Information Technology Systems. The company provides training through Institute of Management and Technical Studies (IMTS) which is owned by the company.

About Institute of Management and Technical Studies (IMTS):

Institute of Management and Technical Studies (IMTS) was officially opened in 1988 under the auspices of the late Sheikh Ali Sabah Al-Salem All-Sabah. Since then, IMTS has provided technical and professional education for more than 15,000 participants. IMTS is the largest private Kuwaiti institute and it is specialized in the preparation of trainees to occupy prominent professions in the field of technology.

IMTS is distinguished by launching the proper channels of employment in the national establishments and companies for new graduates, developing and supporting their job skills, and holding graduation ceremonies for the new graduates after the completeness of the programs. The graduation ceremonies are usually sponsored and patronized by the State high ranking official and VIPs, businessmen, and companies' managers whose companies are in the hunt for permanent positions. Awards and appreciations certificates are distributed to distinct trainees.

Partnership Agreements and Accreditations:


IMTS has partnership agreements with a variety of international specialized companies such as Al-Kharafi Company for Computers (KBM), the agent of IBM products in the State of Kuwait where the agreement states that IMTS provided IBM training programs for the governmental sector in the State of Kuwait with the cooperation of Al-Kharafi Company for Computers.

IMTS is also a member in the Microsoft IT Academy at the Professional Level. This agreement entitles IMTS to provide the special Microsoft training programs at all levels (Beginner-Specialized); the trainees would become eligible to obtaining Microsoft certified certificate upon successful completeness of Microsoft examinations. IMTS is also a certified training center by ICDL (International Computer Driving License) as a training center and as an examination center.

Facilities and Accommodation of IMTS:

IMTS occupies a six-storey building and it is equipped with all state of the art computers and multimedia as well as English Language center. IMTS has close to 21 training halls 50 squared meters each fully equipped with state of the art specifications with Data Shows and language laboratories.


IMTS also features the following:

1. Huge Parking

2. Spacious Reception Hall

3. Separate classes for female and male students if required

4. Separate prayer rooms form men and women

5. Cafeteria and Snack Lounge

6. Flexibility in choosing the class schedules (for employed students)