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Institute Of Management and Technical Studies

IMTS is one of the leading institutes in Kuwait and the whole Gulf area. It offers its services to hundreds of clients and graduates in the fields of computer science, IT technology, management and modern languages. Since 1988, IMTS has grown to become the largest independent Consulting Training Company world wide, as became IMTS Recently as member of Microsoft IT-Academy and New Partner in Gulf area with IBM.

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Latest News

Institute of Management & Technical Studies (IMTS) affiliated to Update Co. started on 31 May 2009 carrying out the training program for the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) for 480 trainees from the government employees in the state to make them qualified for obtaining the international approved of (ICDL).
The program was offered by the Central Body of Information Technology through the tender No. (2009-2008-8) which was won by Update.

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